What Players Are Saying

I liked that the games went quickly. They were fun and engaging. My A.D.D. didn’t have a chance to kick in. It was all fun for me! -Nick S.

Nick laughing
Fun and engaging!

Easy, relaxed, friendly. Seeing how quickly one can learn about themselves, recognize when uncomfortable and willing to try something new anyway is a wonderful take-away! -BJD

bjd laughing
Easy, relaxed, friendly.



About Sponto Time!

co-created by: Laura Bergells & Izzy Gesell

art by: Laura Bundesen

For ages 12+

Fast + Fun: Games last a few seconds to a few minutes.

For Work + Play: Work on team building, spontaneity, creativity, storytelling, and public speaking skills. Play at home, at work, in online meetings, or in the car!