You can play hundreds, of improvisation games with the Sponto Time deck!

Here 10 games to get you started. You can download and print them, if you like….

Come back to this site often! We’ll continue to add more games and insights as we go along! And if you have a game you’d like to share with us, feel free to reach out! We’d love to hear about it.

Think of Sponto Time! as a substitute for prompts an improv player might get from a live audience.

🟢 The green cards give you environment suggestions.

🟣 The purple cards give you character archetypes.

🟠 The orange cards give you a dilemma or problem.

The prompts on the cards are both business and kid-friendly! You can play games at home, at work, on Zoom, in a car, in a bar, in class – wherever you feel the need to add creative inspiration, spontaneity, team building, and fun!

You can play some games in groups. You can even play some games solitaire, for improv practice.

Sponto Time is sort of like a deck of poker cards. You can use poker cards for more than playing poker. You can play all kinds of games with poker cards: solitaire, rummy, fish, etc. And with poker cards, you make up your own games as you go along!

It’s the same deal with Sponto Time. Come back to find more games on our blog! And be sure to share the improv games you’ve created. We love getting your videos and innovative ideas!

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