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It’s Sponto Time! See the Alphabet Game in Action!

Laughter erupts spontaneously in the Alphabet Game! Here’s how to play:

Select and reveal one purple card and one green card. Let the cards inspire a conversation. But here’s the twist: follow the ABCs!

The first player starts the convo with a sentence beginning with the letter “A.” The next player bounces back with a “B” sentences. Keep going back and forth until you reach “Z.”

Here’s a short video of a group playing the game on Zoom!

There are all kinds of variations on this game. You can choose to start with a different letter. Or go backwards through the alphabet.

For more storytelling intensity, select all three color cards. The purple and green cards tell players who and where they are. And adding an orange card also gives the characters a specific problem. Will they discuss the problem? Will they fight about it and blame each other? Or will they work together to solve the problem? Who knows?

Try giving yourself a time limit. Can you get the story done in under 90 seconds? Will you play it in a car? In a bar? What other variations can you play on this game?

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