A white person holding a purple deck of cards that says sponto time on the top

Sponto Time Unboxing Video!

What do you get when you order Sponto Time? You’re about to find out in this 3-minute video!

Well, this is exciting. It is June 20. And I just received the game that Izzy Gessel and I developed. We got it from The Game Crafter. It is 6/20/23. And it was shipped on 6/16 through Shippo.

It’s a six ounce package. And this is how it came when it arrived in my box just a few moments ago. So you can see that there’s some tape here off to the side, I’m just going to zip through that.

Let’s open it and see what we have when we the open the box. The box is open.

And inside the paper is tumbling, so throw away. And then in here we have:

A shrink-wrapped deck of cards.

A dry erase scorecard.


And here’s our game instructions. Nice and easy to read with two sides. There’s 10 games that we can play in this deck. The instructions show us how to set up the games. Do our warm up games. We’ll play sound games, games to improve humor, storytelling games, and creativity games.

And then we show you how coaches can use these cards in their coaching sessions. So keep those instructions.

Now let’s carefully open the deck to see what we have on the inside. We called it Sponto Time. Because as we were developing the game, we kept saying “how to become more spontaneous.” And spontaneous is really hard to say. It’s five syllables. So we shortened it to Sponto Time, which is short for spontaneous time.

So here we are. Here’s the deck of cards. We’ve got three different colors: purple, green, and orange.

So we sort and shuffle, and there we’ve got the three stacks to start with. But what’s on the other side?

Look! These are the game words that we get to play with. And they’re nice and silky and smooth. So that’s it. I’m very excited to start playing some games!


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