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Why Did We Create Sponto Time?

These are five quotes from various clients we’ve worked with over the years:

  • “I’d like to be more spontaneous.”
  • “I want to get better at thinking on my feet.”
  • “I need to be a better storyteller.”
  • “I’d like my presentations to be less boring.”
  • “My boss says I need to be more agile, whatever that means!”

Who are we?

We’re Laura and Izzy! I’m Laura Bergells. I’m a business communication coach. Izzy Gesell is a presentation coach and humorist.

We both teach courses and lead workshops to develop communication skills; including storytelling, body language, presence, and spontaneity. (We’re both colleagues at LinkedIn Learning, too. You can take our online video classes there!)

Why play games?

One technique we use in our live, in-person workshops is game-based learning. Why games? Because people learn skills through practice. And learning happens more quickly when we enjoy ourselves. We use games to help people have fun while practicing spontaneity, storytelling, and collaboration skills. 

Why do you call your card deck Sponto Time?

We call our game “Sponto Time” because spontaneity is hard to say and spell! We say the word a lot in our line of work, and it’s a darn shame that this word has 5 syllables. People trip over it all the time!

So we shortened it to “Sponto” because it’s easier to say and spell. If you find yourself stumbling over the phrase “spontaneity skills” – we want to give you an alternative. 

Say “Sponto Skills” instead. It’s easier and more fun!

Also, we all need to set aside time to practice spontaneity. That’s the “time” in Sponto Time. 

When you want to build a skill, you need to set aside time to practice it. It may seem like an oxymoron, but it’s not. If you want to think on your feet and be more spontaneous, you need to practice and get feedback from others. 

Practice Spontaneity Today!

So set aside some time to practice and play. You’ll work on building your spontaneity, storytelling, presentation, and collaboration skills. Are you ready? It’s Sponto Time!

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