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Why is it Sponto Time? In a word, ENGAGEMENT

People are sick and tired of going to boring meetings, classes, parties, and other events that lack opportunities for meaningful conversations and connections. When people aren’t more deeply engaged with others in their environment, they lose focus and interest.

They lose heart. 💗

That’s because their hearts and minds drift elsewhere. They aren’t present and in the moment because they don’t even want to be where they are! 

Everywhere, people are searching for meaning. They’re searching for connection. They want to enjoy deeper and more satisfying relationships with the people in their lives. 

According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace: 2022 Report, employees who are not engaged or actively disengaged cost the world $7.8 trillion in lost productivity. (The World’s $7.8 Trillion Workplace Problem (gallup.com) 

And it’s not just employees who need to feel more engaged. Our social relationships often need more meaning and depth, as well. Friendships wither when conversations become shallow and superficial. Families hesitate to keep in touch when they struggle for something interesting or relevant to say to each other. 

Let’s change all that, shall we? And let’s do it with a sense of whimsy and fun! 

Sponto Time is a fun and colorful set of deceptively simple card games. These games let people interact creatively with each other in a low-risk way. 

Further, after playing each game, players can debrief their thoughts, actions, and feelings about each game. This sparks meaningful conversations that can help players forge stronger relationships while enhancing spontaneity and storytelling skills.

Yes, family and friends can play the games, just for fun. And the games are also helpful at work. Use them for team building, as well as enhancing creativity, presentation, and storytelling skills. A facilitated session can provide valuable insights that let you see into your own mind, as well as the hearts and minds of other players. 

Where can you play the games?

  • You can play at work: to increase team engagement and boost spontaneity skills.
  • You can play in online meetings: to spark conversations and laughter.
  • You can play in the car: to amuse each other with storytelling and creative insights.
  •  You can play this game with friends and family to have fun while deepening understanding and empathy for those you hold dear.

You can buy a Sponto Time deck for only $19.99! It’s available NOW at the Game Crafter!

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